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Bitcoin / Crypto Trivia Challenge

BitsofKoin Trivia Challenge

Be CryptoSmart!

How much do you know about Ripple (XRP)? Is Ripple a cryptocurrency? The short video below has the answers. Hopefully you enjoy our CryptoSmart lessons. If you do, follow us on Twitter @BitsofKoin

Test your vocabulary and your currency smarts by watching the video below. If you already know the definition of the word "Seigniorage", then skip to the next video to increase your CryptoSmarts!

This weeks challenge question: What is a Satoshi and how many do you need to buy one Bitcoin? Watch the Video below and find out.

Follow us on Twitter @BitsofKoin for regular BitsofKoin Cryptocurrency Challenges. Be CryptoSmart!

Picture of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ehtereum, Ripple Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rippple, Litecoin pic

Can you name all the cryptocurrencies in the image above? Learn about "Altcoins" in upcoming challenges.

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